Il Caggio

Giovanni Mazzei

Società Agricola Il Caggio

Il Caggio is a small medieval hamlet in the middle of a unique paradise, nestled among the rows of Sangiovese grapes on the rolling hills. At the forefront of Italian viticulture, Il Caggio has based its standards on a modern, natural approach. The terroir’s potential is enhanced through exact vinification, carried out separately by land parcel, clone type, and rootstock.

The family purchased Il Caggio in 2006. From the beginning, the potential of the 150 hectares was very evident. Still, the real object of our desire was the 6.5 hectares known as the “enclave” These excellent grapes are the very essence of Il Caggio, reflecting the hamlet’s natural purity and stillness.

Between 320 and 350 meters above sea level, Il Caggio has the perfect attributes to produce a spectacular Sangiovese. The soil is mainly clay shale mixed with limestone marl with an alberese rock skeleton, an ideal mix for the Sangiovese. The vines have a 150-degree contour exposure running southeast to southwest. The microclimate is clearly Mediterranean.

“True nobility is natural, genuine, and integral. Nature is noble in its purity. Dreams are intertwined with the earth; the senses intensify the most profound emotions.”
Il Caggio follows sustainable agricultural practices to ensure ecosystem stability.

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Società Agricola
Il Caggio
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