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Azienda Agricola Castagnoli

Castagnoli was one of the first Chianti Classico properties to go completely organic. Since 1965, the vineyards have been tended strictly according to organic principles.

Encircled by 73 hectares of our woodlands, the land and vineyards are surrounded by unspoiled nature. Eleven hectares of vineyards are cultivated on ancient terraces, supported by traditional Tuscan dry-stone walls. Our vineyards, located 300–420 meters above sea level, encounter various microclimates that enhance the Sangiovese’s uniqueness and versatility.

We want to bring out the Sangiovese’s true greatness and originality. Nowhere else in the world does this varietal manage to express such a combination of complexity and drinkability, acidity and minerality. Accordingly, our mission has been to divide our eleven hectares of vineyards into 19 plots whose grapes are tended, harvested, and vinified separately. In this way, we can select and create wines that enhance the unique characteristics of the fruit produced by each cru in a given vintage.

“An organic winery whose vineyards are cultivated on ancient terraces to express the greatness of Sanguis Jovis, the blood of Jupiter: Sangiovese.”
For over 50 years, strict organic principles have governed cultivation on the Castagnoli lands.
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Azienda Agricola
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