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Ruffino is an eclectic situation linked to producing quality Italian wines and whose mission incorporates the essential aspects of today’s agrifood culture.

A farm with a hundred-year-plus history is profoundly linked mainly to Tuscany and generally to Italy. Ruffino is today the summation of an unequaled entrepreneurial experience, of profound and varied agricultural and winemaking knowledge, and of a modern organization with stratified functions indispensable to contending in a highly competitive sector that is very much tied to terroirs.

Today Ruffino employs about 300 people in its various locations and boasts an approach that transcends the old commodity distinctions. Besides producing excellent wines, Ruffino offers facilities dedicated to accommodations, offering tourist hospitality, tastings, catering, and the possibility of having an authentic brand experience at the Poggio Casciano property near Florence. The value produced by the Ruffino Group in 2019 was more than 130 million euros.

“Timeless stories, traditions, culture, style, elegance, enchanted landscapes, and unspoiled nature”
Protecting the environment and its biodiversity using sustainable vineyard- and winery management practices are crucial elements.
Organic Farm, Converting to organic farming, Integrated Farming

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