Castello di Fonterutoli

Filippo Mazzei

Castello di Fonterutoli

This unique land where the disintegrating alberese and sandstone rocks have given it a stony, complex soul.

Grapes from the 114 plots are hand-picked, then vinified and aged separately in wood, translating the value of diversity into an extraordinary range of aromas and complexity.

Fonterutoli is also home to Castello di Fonterutoli’s Chianti Classico DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its delicacy and personality are extraordinary due to the olive-tree varieties (frantoio, leccino, moraiolo, and pendolino), plus the proprietary mill that presses the olives without oxygen. In addition, Carla Mazzei devotedly cultivates lavender in Fonterutoli, from whose essence she produces a line of cosmetic products that bears her name.

Linking the Fonterutoli Winery’s past and future is its dominant position above the farm and the sloping countryside that overlooks Siena.

In addition to being custodian of centuries-old knowledge, this modern winery was designed by Agnese Mazzei as an innovative project with low environmental impact.

“”The Fonterutoli Winery truly links the past and the future. It towers above the property and the sloping countryside, which overlooks Siena, yet its beating heart is deep inside.””
Castello di Fonterutoli’s age-old knowledge of its terroir has made the most of this poor, rocky terrain.
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